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Sex Life

Female Sexual Dysfunction - A Problem that Doesn't Get Sufficient Attention from Medical Community

Researchers have a tendency to focus on men as they study sexual dysfunction. The possible reasons for concentrating on male affairs are numerous. For example, men are more likely to speak about their problem than women are. Male problems are also more conspicuous than female ones are. As a result,…


5 most common STDs in the World

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) belong to a category of medical conditions that scares a lot of us and even makes some reluctant to engage in sexual activities. In this article we are going to list 5 most common STDs. Some of them are known to everyone while others might be unknown to the vast…


Do you also Have Prejudice against Bisexual People?

It is the nature of human beings to develop many myths and misconceptions on anything that they do not understand well. Sexual orientation is one such thing, and this is more so when it comes to bisexuality. Despite the fact that it has always been part of humanity, many misconceptions surround this…


Sexual Activity of People in Different Countries

Psychologists and sociologists define promiscuity as the act of engaging in casual sex with numerous sexual partners. The definition of ‘numerous’ depends on who you ask because when it comes to a number of sexual partners, people tend to have different views on what can be defined as numerous and…


Ways to Improve your Sex Life

Ever wondered where that sexual passion that once consumed your relationship or marriage disappeared to? It is possible that your sex life could be falling into black holes and you no longer want to cuddle with your partner. Feeling like this is your story? Then try out the following tips and rekindle…