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Ways to Improve your Sex Life

Ever wondered where that sexual passion that once consumed your relationship or marriage disappeared to? It is possible that your sex life could be falling into black holes and you no longer want to cuddle with your partner. Feeling like this is your story? Then try out the following tips and rekindle the spark again.


couple-exercising-togetherA survey published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has shown that erectile dysfunction is more common among those with poor physical health. Regular exercise results in a better physical shape and, in turn, better sexual performance, frequent orgasm and higher satisfaction. When one exercises, the body produces endorphins, hormone that is responsible for feeling happy and satisfied. This is why couples who sweat it out are more inclined to improved stamina and frequent orgasms. So it would be a great idea to work out together with your significant other.

Eat right

Research shows that whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and spices significantly improve sex drive. This is because of the dietary effect on the level of testosterone hormone. Avoid taking too much alcohol as it depletes testosterone. One study by Cleveland Clinic found that men whose waist size is more than 40" are more prone to erectile dysfunction compared to those with smaller waist size. So eating right combined with regular exercise can do wonders for your sex life.

Experiment in bed

Be creative and adventurous in your sex life. There are so many different sex positions out there, try them and find out which ones suits best for you and your partner. But don’t stick with the same sex position for too long because sex tends to turn into tedious monotony if performed the same way again and again. 

You may try sex toys if both of you are comfortable with them. They may seem awkward for the first time but they can really bring in more spice.

Do something different outside your bedroom

Take a break from your daily routine and do something different together. Sing a song (even if you both have Van Gogh's ear for music) or watch a movie that reminds you of the old dating days. You can take a walk to the park holding your partner and do something daring. Write notes such as “I LOVE' or “YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME” and drop them at a place where your partner will find them. You can be sure not to have enough of each other when you replicate those old love feelings.

Complement each other

Let words of affirmation form part of your relationship. It is a well-known fact that women adore listening to compliments. However, men like hearing pleasant things about themselves as well; they just don't want to admit it wearing the face of a macho man.

As revealed by Joy Davidson, a sex therapist from New York, women enjoy sex to a greater extent when they feel good about their bodies. Tell your partner how beautiful and sexy they look. You have no clue how this can rekindle the sexual spark.